Tuesday, June 30, 2015

New Spiral of Life 2015

Spiral of Life Installation II

June 2015 my Spiral of Life installation and one other found object, from the original Spiral of Life Show, were selected to be a part of the Fine Arts Exhibition at the Ohio State Fair. I was so excited and proud to be selected as part of the exhibition. At the end of June 2015 I spent three days setting up a new Spiral of Life in the Cox Fine Arts Center on the Ohio State Fair Grounds.
 Here is the Cox Fine Arts Center on the Ohio State Fair Grounds
 It is right next to the "Ohio" entrance off 11th Ave.
Here is where my installation is located in the middle of the building!
Here art the pieces for the installation. Everything fit into three boxes.

Here I am beginning my work on the installation.

 Here is the installation half finished.

 Almost finished!

 Pictures of the finished installation!
 The installation took three days of work to finish. I began on a Friday and finished on a Monday. I worked about 5 hours on Friday and Saturday and about 3 hours on each Sunday and Monday. That makes a total of about 16 hours of work! Fortunately it was raining the first two days, because there is no air conditioning in the building. Sunday and Monday it was really hot when the rain stopped. The installation was set up a whole month before the Ohio State Fair was to begin. I just hope every thing in the installation will stay in place by the time the fair begins!

Progression Photos: View #1

Progression View #2: Close-up

Here I am with my finished installation...

Some closeups of the installation.

The finished product from above!
It is over 10' in diameter! 

This is the other piece that was chosen to be part of the exhibition. It is quite small compared to the installation. Funny how I got one large and one small piece of artwork into the exhibit!

Looking forward to the fair and the judging!
Hope everyone will come to see my artworks at the fair!